Southern Vignette

Grandma“She seems to have had the ability to stand firmly on the rock of her past while living completely and unregretfully in the present.”             Madeline L’Engle

Southern Vignettes….Fryin’ up that deep south flava… Not all super heroes wear capes or shoot lasers from various places but I knew some who could wield a fryin’ pan for the best fried green tomatoes, or for maintaining order in her court. This goes out to the grandmothers, the grandmas, grammas, big mamas, nanas, madeas, memaws, grammys, the Grand Matrons of the family dynamics. Strong towers in the storms. Comforting arms against the hardness of a sometimes cold world. A reminder of Divine grace and dignity.  Many of you reared your own children and your children’s children.   That strength, resolve, and special pan fried love stands as a beacon in our community and a soft pillow against a hard life. You are the manifestation of Godwalkin’ and sho’ ‘nuf unapologetic about it. Thank you Grand Matrons from the deepest place in my heart and soul.  I can hear the echoes all around…Know this!

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