She Came In The Night


“Art is animated by invisible forces that rule the universe.” +Leopold Senghor

“Olubeja, I Have Called Her: She Came In The Night” graphite on paper. Often I look forward to my dream world as excited as I do the waking world.  Even so I am inclined to wonder at various times which is which. A friend once told me, “You don’t have dreams, you have movies.” Last year I had a dream/vision in which I was trying to reach my childhood home under the cloak of a moonlit night. The journey was nearly over since I was in the yard about to go across to where I could see the porch.  Suddenly I was besieged by creatures that had the stature of deer but the presence of horses.  They were charging me from various angles.  I became aware that they were intent on not allowing me to get to the door.  Finally, I made it to the corner of the house. Several of them had gathered in front of me in preparation to block my path and or attack. One, more formidable than the rest locked eyes with me.  Either way I was at an impasse.  They stood menacing between me and my chosen destination. Suddenly the larger one was blown backwards and out of my path. The rest scattered.  I felt no blunt force from behind, only a feeling of soothing warmth.  I turned to face a female figure, tall, blue-black or so she appeared in the night light, her arms were across her chest.  The markings on her face seemed to glow.   All of my fear had dissipated.  A sense of well-being engulfed me, like being home after being away for too long of a time.  I wanted more of her so I leaned into her face. She did not back away or respond in any way that I remember. I closed my eyes as I expected my lips to touch hers. There was no physical resistance.  My face went into hers and I opened my eyes. They opened wider when I saw the most illumined sunlight on the clearest day, a running stream or river, trees, birds, nature hued in its purest form. I breathed deep and pulled away and awake out of dream… There is so much more than we have allowed ourselves to believe.  Take this time, be still and know…

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