The Journey Back…To A Future of My Choice

Traveling has always been one of my favorite pastimes. My preferred mode of travel is almost any in which I don’t have to be in the drivers seat.  One of my worst night mares , however is getting on the wrong road and being on it for any stretch of time. I’ve even tried to make the best of those mishaps by attempting to salvage the move and save time in some sort of shortcut. In the end I still find myself having to go back to the point where I took the wrong turn.  Even if that wrong turn was taken based on someone else lead, I was the one on the wrong path and it wouldn’t get me where I intended to go.

I’m at a point on my own journey where I am doing just that.  Revisiting a wrong turn. Time will reveal, just because you’ve always done something a particular doesn’t make it right or even productive for you.  As an artist, I am in the lab, working it out.  I completed a piece called Pilgrim’s Progress about that journey.  Where would we be had we not had our humanity hijacked? Our spirituality arrested and placed in the realm of the abject?  What would happen if we went back and took the road from which we were stolen? When we change the way we look at things, the things we look at change. IMG_4088


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