Voodoo Child in The Promised Land

IMG_0192I can’t show you what I want to show you

But I can tell you what I saw

In a little family graveyard splintered with new spring grass

And little bits of moon on the ground scattered

Like a lit mirror shattered on somebody grandma’s

Brand new carpet slid beneath

That old living room furniture

Looking brand new with the plastic still on it.

I saw it,

I saw her

Out there in that field with all them dead folk.

Just skippin’ ‘round like she was home

Just as happy seeming, like she wasn’t alone

Wasn’t but about four or five

With cute plaits in her head

And a little dress on

The Easter Sunday kind

With sprinkles of moon all over it

Out there in the dark

Just picking flowers

Had to be daffodils

Just growing right there among all them dead folk

And there she was just fanin’ that dress

And snatching them flowers up out’ the ground

Like they was handin’ them to her.

Like she was receiving gifts from all them dead folk

Just beyon her stood a line of huge live oaks

Just stretching out their big ole arms like

They were protecting her.

Not from the night or the dead

But protecting just the same

The Spanish moss hung like the sleeves of a preacher’s robe

Raised up high and mighty over all them dead folk

She paused for and seemed to look my way

I stared back like she saw me from a TV screen

That I couldn’t turn off

Then she went right on back to doing what she was doing

Like nothing was gon’ stop her at all

Not time, not beggin’, not hopin’

Out there in that field under the moonlight

With all them dead folk.



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